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The Shift

Yes. I haven’t posted in forever now can we get to more pressing news?

Some of you may know that I have some serious problems sleeping (not the actual sleeping part, it’s the getting there and getting out of it that are such issues for me). I think this may stem from not sleeping the correct amount of hours in my day coupled with some other factors and a feeling that my circadian rhythms are different than those around me. In any event laying in bed for hours at night or in the morning is getting detrimental. Many nights despite how well I try and plan I end up getting closer to 10 or 12 hours and it’s just getting out of hand.

So I decided to change some things and at first I thought of adding a sleep aid at night to push my sleep schedule more toward other people; but I really don’t want to become dependent upon drugs. So I read a lifehacker article on napping but noticed that my problem hasn’t been drowsiness during the day. I’m caffeine free and have always been and rarely feel like I need a pick me up. But there was a comment about polyphasic sleep and a commenter also noted about this alternative. I’d heard stories of these sorts of people but had never looked into it a lot. I had always been intrigued by the idea of an altered sleep schedule. This time around I latched onto the idea of the Everyman schedule — one “core” sleep and 3 or 4 “short” sleeps.

I’ve decided that I could try it out. I remember my middle and high school experiments with severe sleep deprivation and the effect on mental status and learning and hope that I can keep the sleep dep to a minimum while I try and adjust to the schedule I drew for myself. Since I like being a night owl yet am envious of the early bird I set up my schedule as such: Core Sleep from 200 to 500 and naps at 1000 1400 and 1900. Naps will be 20 minutes in length and with the useful advice from lifehacker even those of us who take a long time to get to sleep should be able to help stave off the problems I normally have.

I’d also like to mention the Uberman sleep schedule which really does seem like a total shift in ideology and probably accompanies a lot more thought changes with it. The idea is to split your day with 6 short naps dubbed “ultrashort sleep” and the effects on the mind seem interesting to say the least. Dubbed the uberman for feeling some sort of superhuman being and more vibrantly alive than before. Seems like a feeling that many of us would like to experience at some point but the barrier of conventional life and overcoming the initial sleep dep (until a shift in the body to accommodate ultrashort sleep) could prove to be significant barriers for many of us.

In any event I’m going to see a show that’s part of the Big Ears festival tonight which has the xx and jj playing and I’m pretty excited to get there. I’m back to posting and it feels good 🙂


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